Molasses is an excellent source of energy

Molasses is an absolutely brilliant, high energy product that not only boosts palatability and intake, but improves the utilization of rumen degradable protein, RDP, and Non Protein Nitrogen, NPN, in the rumen thus increasing milk protein levels.

An excellent source of fermentable metabolisable energy, FME, Molasses helps power microbes to capture a greater proportion of the degradable nitrogen in silage.

As generations of farmers have found, feeding molasses not only boosts livestock performance and hence farm incomes, but makes cattle look their very best.


Milk Yield

Studies with early and mid-lactation cows each getting 2 to 3 kg of molasses daily found it increased total dry matter intake by 12% and milk yield by 1.1 to 2 kg/cow.

Milk fat plus protein yield also increased by 0.07kg to 0.15kg per cow, a rise of between 5 and 15%, again when compared to cows not getting molasses in their TMR.

Molasses, being naturally high in sugar and available energy, is value for money and easily available even when supplies of other feed ingredients are tight on the world market.

A natural sweetener, molasses improves palatability and boosts feed intake to help general herd performance and condition.

When it comes to making the most from milking cows molasses has a key part to play, being safe and easy to store and easily mixed into blends.

So let molasses put a bloom on your stock and on the bottom line of your farm accounts!